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Cadenza (Blue)

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The most elegant way to learn and perform Juan Tamariz' Mnemonica stack.

Cadenza is a deck designed with the working magicians and cardists in mind. The deck comes in two carefully chosen Pantone colours, vintage blue and vintage red. The tuck that houses the cards has a simple and elegant design, using extremely durable synthetic paper, which is waterproof and tear proof.
Hidden in the vintage floral back design are several powerful features that allow you to perform the most astonishing card magic possible. Cadenza comes with 3 different marking systems (same for both the blue and red decks), each with its own features and functions. Two of them (working independently) tell you the identity of the cards, and the third tells you the Mnemonica number of that card. And by the way, the deck comes in Mnemonica order out of the box.
Cadenza uses Legend’s diamond finish, known to be snappy and long lasting. Also, when you purchase any of the red or blue decks, you gain access to an e-book that explains all the marking systems, the gaff cards and the tricks you can do with it, for free (as a download sent to you or by scanning the QR code that is printed on the card case). The e-book will be updated from time to time as ideas get collected and put on paper. Order yours now before all stock is gone!
Gaff cards:
Each deck comes with two gaff cards, and two ordinary jokers.
The Blue deck comes with a 7S/QH double facer and a novel Sexy Queen gaff (which can be used for comedic revelations)