NKW Playing Cards - Cadenza - the most elegant marked deck for magic and cardistry with 3 powerful marking systems.

Designed by magicians, for magicians

Cadenza features a beautiful floral back design, and comes in two carefully selected pantone colours - vintage blue and vintage red. Cadenza is printed on Legends Playing Card Company’s high quality diamond finish, known to be snappy and long lasting. Hidden in the design are several powerful features to take your magic to the next level.

Marking systems - not one, but three

Cadenza comes with 3 different marking systems (same for both the blue and red decks), each with its own features and functions. Two of them (working independently) tell you the identity of the cards, and the third tells you the Mnemonica number of that card. The primary marks are reader marks, requiring no interpretation so the information you need is always crystal clear. 

Novelty gaff

Cadenza comes with four gaff cards, two from the blue deck, and two from the red deck.

The blue deck comes with a 7S/QH double backer and a Sexy Queen. The Sexy Queen is a simple but effective gaff which can achieve many amazing and hilarious revelation routines. 

The red deck comes with a double backer and a Monte Finale card, for use with monte routines.  

Additional features

Cadenza comes in a water and tear proof tuck, making it extremely durable and ideal for your next event, be it in a challenging performing condition. 

The back of the card incorporates a subtle one-way design for those who utilises the tool. Oh, and by the way, the deck also comes in Mnemonica order out of the box so you are always ready for your stack dependent miracles.

Limited quantities

Only 700 decks for each colour have ever been released. The first edition will never be reprinted, so get hold of yours before they are out of print.

NKW Playing Cards - Cadenza - free e-book/ebook explain all features and routines you can perform with Cadenza.

Detailed E-book

With every purchase of Cadenza you gain access to a 50-page e-book, explaining all features of Cadenza in detail, and full routines you can perform with the special gaff cards.

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"Brilliant marking systems, the deck opens up a lot of possibilities!"

Henry Harrius - 2015 FISM Winner

"No. 1, my favourite marked deck on the planet, the NKW Cadenza... Beautiful cards to look at, they handle amazingly, everything about this deck is wonderful."

David - Magic Orthodoxy (2016)

"I love this deck. This deck is totally built with the magician in mind."

David - Magic Orthodoxy (2016)